Help To Combat Hatred

Help to combat hatred.

Buy One CD. Urge your friends to do the same.
It’s that simple.

Hello Friends,
This is Josh, Nathan and Sam, The American Three, reaching out to you.
It was your overwhelming support that drove out video for "We Are America, The Toast" to more than 365,000 views to date. We are honored and grateful that you share our message of faith, liberty, pride in our country and all that is good about this nation and her people.
We need your help once again.
Perhaps you have heard of the disconcerting, divisive and disrespectful activities of the members of The Westboro Baptist Church. Their brand of hate-mongering is directly opposed to all that we hold dear and all that we value about the goodness of our country and the goodness of people in general. It is our desire to honor the fallen while quieting those that wish to disrupt, disrespect and desecrate the bravery and sacrifices that our veterans have made and continue to make EVERY DAY. WBC members cheer the killings of U.S. Soldiers, picket the funerals of the fallen, celebrate the deaths of children,(as evidenced by their cruel and insensitive picketing at Sandy Hook), and they continue to take their message of hate to over 200 cities while demonstrating a frightening ability to raise funding to support their malevolent activities nationwide.
For just a taste of their recipe for hatred, They incite hatred with this domain, and use it to attack our US veterans. This “church” is little more than a family of hatemongers, but they are a PRESS machine. The media publishes everything they do and they’ve been allowed to appear on shows like ABC’s Nightline.
If WBC can raise so much money and awareness for evil, we MUST BELIEVE that so many more people can do even more for good. The WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH has just 50 people in their “family.”
IF YOU HAVE A MEDIA CONNECTION, PLEASE TELL OUR STORY. Please share this by email and by mouth. Together, we can combat the cruelty and evil purveyed by this small but mightily hateful group who parade across our land under the veil of the law and faith.
We need every veteran, every parent, and every person who STILL believes in hope and THE AMERICAN WAY to help us in our mission to SILENCE THE WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH.
When we started our group 16 months ago, our goal was to convey hope through our music and share a message that ALL Americans may be proud of. Our album is all about hope and we TRULY LOVE America and all that she stands for. We are willing to FIGHT FOR THIS HOPE. WILL YOU FIGHT WITH US?
Please go to our website and listen as the page loads to America The Beautiful and God Bless The USA and WE ARE AMERICA.
STAND with us by purchasing our CD "One". We are going to give 100% of the profits from our CD "One" to purchase a bus that will travel the United States, and attend rallies, funerals, and events to which we are invited. The bus will be called "The American One" and it will be wrapped in a United States Flag, with the simple words "We Are America, We Are One. We will position our rolling message of hope strategically between evil protestors and the grieving families who need and deserve privacy and respect, shielding those families from the cruelty of these wicked picketers.
With your help, we are on our way to SILENCE THIS HATEFUL FAMILY in a HUGE WAY...THE AMERICAN WAY. If you are able to donate more that the cost of a CD, please contact us at, and we will be glad to talk with you additional ways that you might sponsor the bus tour.

The Westboro Baptist Church may have won in the Supreme Court, but their rhetoric can be silenced by TURNING UP THE MUSIC, AND physically BLOCKING THE VIEW. The SUPREME COURT says they have every RIGHT to do what they are doing. Well friends, WE, AS AMERICANS, ALSO HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO STAND UP AND DEFEND OURSELVES FROM THIS BEHAVIOR. Won’t you join us?

If each one of you send it to two friends who enjoy our music and vision, and they each just purchase one CD, and then forward the request to just two more friends who each purchase a CD, and on and on, we would have the funds in just a few short weeks or less to buy or lease a bus and have it wrapped and ready to hit the road to combat the wickedness of WBC. 

If One Voice and One Person can make the difference, imagine what YOU, your friends and The American Three can accomplish.

We hope that there will never be a reason for the WBC to bring their protest to your community to disrupt the funeral service of a fallen soldier, but if they do, we want to be there and have you join us on the bus to shield that family and wrap them in a message of love, support, gratitude and hope.

TOGETHER...let's turn up the MUSIC and drown out the hatred.

Thank you for your kind consideration, for your support, and for sharing this message with others.

Josh, Nathan, and Sam
The American Three

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