The American Three Album OneThe American Three’s Newest Album

Album Title: One


Album Songs:

Fly • This is The Moment • We Are America (The Toast) • Being Alive • For The Better • I Can Go The Distance • Home • The American Thrillogy • Walk On • The Way in The Manger • Try A Little Tenderness



Josh Cobb, Sam Swerczek, Nathan Mickle – Vocals
Gordon Mote – Piano
Tommy Wells – Drums 7 Percusiion
Duncan Mullins – Bass Guitar
Kerry Marx – Electric Guitars
Mark Moseley – Acoustic Guitars
Rodger Morris – Keyboards
John Heinrich -Saxaphone
Chris Hamm – Trumpet
Cello – Randy Kinder
Tracking Engineers -Mark Moseley & Logan Schlegel
Mark Moseley- Producer

Vince Kavanaugh – Executive Producer
Tracks recorded at C.T.M. Recording
Vocals /Mixing/Mastering at Sound Control Studio
The American Three Album OneThe American Trilogy – Arranged by Joshua Cobb
We Are America – Arranged by Tery Wilkins
Fly – Arranged by Tery Wilkins
The Way In A Manager – Marc Ray
Produced by Vince Kavanaugh/Mark Moseley for Positivity Media Group, LLC

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